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CCMR Symposium

2017 Symposium – June 16-17, 2017

Atomic Origami: a Technology Platform for Nanoscale Machines, Sensors, and Robots?

Organizing committee: Prof. Itai Cohen and Paul McEuen,  Physics, Cornell University

Speakers: Dr. Robert J. Lang, Robert Lang Origami; Dr. Radislav Potyrailo, GE Global Research; Dr. Peter Trefonas, The Dow Chemical Company; Prof. John Crocker, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Pennsylvania; Prof. John Hart, Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Prof. Larry L. Howell, Mechanical Engineering, Brigham Young University; Dr. Marc Miskin, Postdoctoral Associate, Cornell University; and Prof. Jiwoong Park, Chemistry, The University of Chicago.


Symposium explores possibilities of origami machines

Cornell Chronicle: CCMR Symposium


Poster List and Agenda:

2017 Symposium Poster List

2017 Symposium Agenda


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