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Industrial Partnerships Program – Any Company, Any Challenge!

Meet the CCMR at the ops21 Advanced Materials Workshop August 29!

The Industrial Partnerships Program solves real-world challenges using a science-based, uniquely collaborative approach. It Provides:

World-class Capabilities:

Access renowned faculty and experts, and state of the art equipment.

  • Fast and easy access to  Cornell experts and to the instruments available in the CCMR Shared facilities enabling industry partners to solve short-term and long-term technical challenges.

Streamlined Solutions Access: 

Connect with fast, easy and cost-effective solutions. Matching funds to industry partners helping them solve technical issues through:

Long-term Investment in Your Success: 

We deliver meaningful results through changing company needs and growth

Industry Partners from NY State and beyond,  NY State small businesses and multiple Facilities users represent a rich portfolio of  varied industry sectors.

Success Stories and Highlights illustrate how we help large and small companies from NY and beyond:

  • Solve technical roadblocks and improve products
  • Develop prototypes and innovative products
  • Optimize manufacturing processes
  • Develop new technologies
  • Validate technologies
  • Evaluate technical investments
  • Develop new and or sustainable materials
  • Characterize/ Image materials
  • Conduct QA/QC
  • Explore new markets
  • Train current workforce
  • Recruit employees and interns

To help you identify the most appropriate expert/partner, Cornell faculty members have been grouped under Research Areas.

A large network of Cornell and NY State partners enables us to provide complementary resources to help businesses grow and retain their competitive advantage.

To learn more:

Meet us at Events and conferences.

Contact our office with questions about the program and for help identifying suitable faculty for consultation, collaboration, and contract research.

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