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Industrial Partnerships Program – Any Company, Any Challenge!

Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion

May 22 Annual CCMR Symposium 

Sproull Lecture:

Prof. Jean-Marie Tarascon, Solid State Chemistry and Energy,

Collège de France.

Companies are invited to present posters, exhibit and sponsor!

Helping Industry Develop New Products and Reach New Markets!

Funding through the INVEST PROGRAM


Deadline December 15, 2018

More on the 2018 CCMR-Industry sponsored projects

The Industrial Partnerships Program helps industry solve real-world challenges using a science-based, uniquely collaborative approach.  It Provides:

World-class Capabilities:

Access to renowned faculty and experts, and state of the art equipment enabling industry partners to solve short-term and long-term technical challenges. To help you identify the most appropriate expert/partner, Cornell faculty members have been grouped under Research Areas. Instruments are listed at Facilities.

Streamlined Solutions Access: 

Fast, easy and cost-effective solutions providing Matching funds to industry sponsored projects. Specific programs address the needs of large  and small businesses fron New York State (NYS) and beyond. More on CCMR Programs and matching funds for industry partners

Long-term Investment in Industry’s Success: 

Delivering meaningful results through changing company needs and growth. Industry Partners from NY State and beyond,  NY State small businesses and multiple Facilities users represent a rich portfolio of  varied industry sectors.

Success Stories, Press releases and Highlights illustrate how we help large and small companies from NY and beyond:

  • Solve technical roadblocks and improve products
  • Develop prototypes and innovative products
  • Optimize manufacturing processes
  • Develop new technologies
  • Validate technologies
  • Evaluate technical investments
  • Develop new and or sustainable materials
  • Characterize/ Image materials
  • Conduct QA/QC
  • Explore new markets
  • Train current workforce
  • Recruit employees and interns

Meet us at Events and conferences.

Contact our office with questions about the program and for help identifying suitable faculty for consultation, collaboration, and contract research.

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