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Chemical Reactions

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ObjectiveChemical Reactions

What is a chemical reaction? How can you tell one has occurred? Have your students perform a simple chemical reaction using chalk (calcium carbonate) and vinegar. They will also attempt to quantitatively prove the Law of Conservation of Mass. An activity is provided for high school students with a basic understanding of balancing reactions and stoichiometry.



Grade Levels

6-8, 9-12

Lesson Plan

Chemical Reactions Module (MS)

Predicting Chemical Reactions Module (HS)

Chemical Reactions Materials Checklist

Student Sheets

Chemical Reactions Activity Sheet (MS)

Predicting Chemical Reactions Activity Sheet (HS)

Chemical Reactions Activity Sheet_Spanish


Chemical Reactions Presentation (MS)

Chemical Reactions Presentation (HS)

Chemical Reactions Presentation (MS) – Spanish

Chemical Reactions Presentation (HS) – Spanish

Items You Will Need to Provide

We can only ship a small amount of vinegar. You will probably need to purchase more.

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