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Take a dip into a monolayer! (August 2014)

The CCMR Bard Materials Facility now offers dip coating from solutions with the option of monolayer control. A KSV NIMA multi-vessel dip coater uses a programmable, rotating dipper allowing Read More

Raman Spectroscopy goes deep! (July 2014)

The Raman Microscope in the CCMR Bard Materials Facility now can make spatial maps of Raman spectra in three dimensions. The Volume Mapping feature for the WiRe 4.1 software..... Read More

Tescan Mira SEM now with small probe elemental analysis capability! (May 2014)

The Tescan Mira in Bard Hall now has a Bruker Energy Dispersive Spectrometer (EDS) for small probe elemental analysis. Spatial resolution of EDS is ~1 micron with 1000 ppm sensitivity to elements..... Read More

Bruker FTIR Automated Focus Upgrade (March 2014)

The Bruker Hyperion FTIR microscope in the Bard Materials Facility has recently been updated with automated focus capability. Focus can be driven through the Opus software as well as the joystick.... Read More

New Single Head Rheometer in the Bard Materials Facility (Jan 2014)

A new TA Instruments DHR3 single head rotational rheometer will be installed in the Bard Materials Facility in January 2014. This diverse system has the ability to measure rotational and frequency..... Read More

Measure Sizes Now with Optical Microscopes (Jan 2014)

The Duffield 231 Prep Lab is happy to announce the acquisition of two Lumenera Infinity 2.0 MegaPixel CCD cameras for their DIC/Polarized and Olympus Darkfield light microscopes.... Read More

Mira Mira, in Bard Hall (Aug 2013)

Bard Hall is now home to a new scanning electron microscope with capabilities complimentary to the existing Keck SEM in Clark Hall. Imaging at very high resolution (1 nm at 30 KeV and 2 nm at 1 KeV) is now.... Read More

VSM measurements, alive and better! (May 2013)

Vibrating Sample Magnetometry, a technique for rapidly measuring magnetic properties, was dead on campus for a while, however this VSM module was recently purchased for use.... Read More

It’s the micro things that matter (Feb 2013)

The Micro Mechanical Analyzer is a device that combines X, Y and Z axis Piezo actuated positioners with a Capacitive MEMS load sensor to acquire the mechanical properties of a sample..... Read More

New way to make thin films in the Bard Materials Facility (Feb 2013)

Pulsed Laser Deposition system: PLD is a deposition technique that uses energy from a Fluorine excimer laser to release material from a target and deposit it on a substrate..... Read More

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